Frequently asked questions

How much does a Valuation cost?
Valuation fees depend on the location, type of property (house, land, unit, farm, shop, commercial property etc) and the purpose of the valuation (Stamp Duty, Taxation, Family Law etc) because each report style is different. We can provide you with a quote over the phone at any time.
How long does a Valuation take?
From the date you instruct us to the date your receive the report generally ranges from 2-5 working days. Commercial properties take a little longer. We are also available to undertake urgent assessments – particularly for Auctions or court cases.
What is the difference between a Valuation and a Real Estate agent appraisal?
Real Estate agent provides an opinion or an appraisal. Only a Registered Valuer can provide a valuation which is a legal document often required for Government Departments (Taxation) or for Court Cases. Generally, an agent will provide a list price or a predicted sale price at some time in the future whereas the valuer is providing the sale price as at that date with a detailed report outlining the property characteristics, sales evidence and market commentary and the property’s marketability.
Do you look at what is selling in the area to arrive at the Valuation?
Yes – Direct Comparison is the main method used in valuation. A Valuer will compare your property with sales of similar properties that have occurred in the area and make adjustments for the positives and negatives and allow for the market behaviour at that time.
Do you value Businesses?
No, we value real estate only.
Do you value plant & equipment?
No, this is a very specialised field but we can refer you to a Plant & Equipment valuer.
What do we call you?
We are Real Estate Valuers and we do property valuations. We are not Evaluators and we don’t do Evaluations!