About IPN Valuers

IPN Valuers provides a centrally managed platform and legal entity that smaller regional valuation firms can continue to operate under with the same benefits as larger firms.

Real Estate is our business however our Stakeholders are our most important assets.

John Smith, CEO at IPN Valuers

IPN Valuers provides our major lending clients with a focal contact point.

In recent years, there has been intense consolidation of businesses in the valuation industry. Metropolitan based firms have been acquiring long-established, locally owned valuation practices under the guise of providing an improved service to their clients. For valuation practices in regional and rural areas, pressure has been applied to compete against these big firms or face extinction.

IPN Valuers has been created to ensure the continued viability of a broad network of long-established, locally owned and independent valuation practices. Through the development of consistent branding, a best practice, a cutting-edge valuation reporting system, intellectual property protection, rigorous compliance and quality assurance, our valuation network is positioned to provide best practice valuation services.