Rural and Agribusiness

IPN Valuers provide thorough and trusted valuations of traditional, commercial and diverse rural and agribusiness properties.

What We Do


Traditional agriculture properties include farms that produce crops or livestock. These properties require specialised knowledge of the agriculture industry and local market demand. IPN Valuers take everything into account when providing valuations including factors such as soil quality, climate, water rights, grazing capacity, farm design and management, and crop yields.


Commercial agriculture properties or larger-scale farming operations often have complex operations, such as processing facilities, storage warehouses, or distribution centres. IPN Valuers consider the complexity of these operations and the local market demand for the specific commodities to provide accurate valuations.


Diversified holdings may include properties that have a mix of agricultural, residential, commercial, or industrial components. These properties can be complex to value due to the various uses and potential revenue streams involved. The IPN Valuers team have a deep understanding of the local market demand for each of the property's component sand consider the impact of any zoning or land use regulations.

Whether it be general rural & agricultural assets or broad acre farming, irrigation, dry land farming or specialised agriculture, IPN Valuers have expert understanding of the local market demand, industry-specific knowledge, and regulatory requirements to provide accurate valuations for a wide range of properties.

Our Fee Structure

Assets ValueCostCost inclusive of
Rent Assessment
Current Use
Up to $1 Million$225(+GST)*$325 (+GST)*Single residential property
Over $1 MillionRequest a quoteRequest a quote
Multi-Unit/Tenancy PropertyRequest a quoteRequest a quote
Residential Property / + Rent Assessment
Assets ValueCostCost inclusive of
Rent Assessment
Up to $1 Million

$450 (+GST)*

$650 (+GST)*

Single tenant (third party/related party)
$1 – $2 Million$550 (+GST)*$750 (+GST)*Single tenant (third party/related party)
$2 – $3 Million$650 (+GST)*$850 (+GST)*Single tenant (third party/related party)
>$3 Million or complex properties (including multi-tenant)Request a quoteRequest a quote
Commercial Property / + Rent Assessment
Assets ValueCostCurrent Use
Up to $1 Million$500 (+GST)*Lifestyle/Non-specialised
$1 – $2 Million$900 (+GST)*Lifestyle/Non-specialised
>$2 Million or specialisedRequest a quote
Rural Property

* Indicative pricing structure.

The above pricing is for desktop restricted property assessment (FY2023/2024).

Please note that the table summarizes the pricing structure for different property types and asset values, along with associated assessment costs and tenancy types. For some more complex commercial properties(including multi-tenant or specialised properties) customized quotes are necessary. 

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"Very impressed with the personable & genuine experience I had with the Team at IPN Valuers Mid Coast. Local knowledge & experience is a must in this industry."


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"Very prompt and professional service. Provided a detailed report. First time using a valuer but would definitely recommend IPN Rockhampton."


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"Great experience, all my clients have been very happy with the services provided by David and Peter."


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"Stephen has carried out a few valuations on some of my commercial properties. I was happy with his professionalism, ease of communication and I would certainly recommend his services."


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"Outstanding service, very knowledgeable with all aspects of market. Highly recommend."


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"Very professional service, prompt and through with the valuation. A pleasure to do business with."


From Mid Coast

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