IPN Valuers South Coast Storyfest Sponsorship Success

Storyfest, held in the picturesque Milton - Ulladulla region, has been a cherished annual festival since its inception in 2019. Over a delightful 4-day period in June, this captivating celebration of storytelling unfolded. From intimate dinners and engaging conversations to captivating films, thought-provoking panels, interactive workshops, and unforgettable plays, Storyfest showcased the immense power of narratives in various forms.

During this year's Storyfest, IPN Valuers South Coast proudly served as the festival's sponsor, playing a pivotal role in ensuring its continued success and impact within the local community.

Our commitment also extended beyond providing financial support to the festival organisers. Recognising the vital role the volunteer network play in creating an unforgettable experience for all participants, IPN Valuers also sponsored all the festival volunteers. Contributing their time and efforts to bring the festival to life, these passionate individuals are  critical to the seamless running of the event and the memorable experience had by all attendees.

Aligning ourselves with Storyfest's mission and the flourishing arts scene on the NSW South Coast was an honour for IPN Valuers. Through our sponsorship, we aimed to strengthen the festival's impact, expand its reach, and establish lasting connections within the local community, and this purpose is felt across our Australian regional Offices.

Throughout our network we value the positive impact cultural events have in fostering community cohesion, nurturing creativity, and paving the way for success among businesses big and small. IPN Valuers has a demonstrated track record of successful sponsorships and support for cultural initiatives throughout Australia's Eastern states, and we warmly welcome opportunities to partner with local organisations who share our vision for vibrant and inclusive regional communities.

Please do not hesitate to reach out for partnership inquiries, or to learn more about the IPN Valuers network.